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STACKS OF SNACKS believes that :
We respect and build upon our relationship with the various Multiple Sclerosis and Tackers Foundation organisations.
Extremely high, personal and business ethics are the cornerstone of our business.
Employees, franchisees, customers, business partners and shareholders are to be treated with respect.
The integrity of the "STACKS OF SNACKS" brand is to be developed and protected.
A key function of the franchisor is in delivering quality support systems to each franchisee.
Our franchise system involves a life long learning component. All members of the franchise system, need to be looking for better ways of servicing our customers and delivering improved bottom line profits.
An open and varied means of communication between all sectors of the franchise system is to be actively encouraged.
With the franchisees, franchisor and franchisor support staff, we have a joint role in creating a more successful franchise system.
All problems and difficulties can be openly discussed and resolved.
We do what we say we will do.
Technological solutions can be applied to our franchise system to improve systems, communication, support, reporting, planning, personal development and expansion.
The sharing of information, monitoring performance, training, evaluating and setting key performance benchmarks is vitally important.
Our franchise system is much more than a job or an alternative career path. It is envisaged that a STACKS OF SNACKS franchise, can be used by franchisees, as a means of building personal wealth and attaining personal development goals.
The best advertisement for the STACKS OF SNACKS franchise system are successful franchisees who are reaching financial, professional and personal goals.
The personal and professional development of all members of the franchise system is a high priority.
The building of personal relationships with all customers - both external and internal - is to be given the highest priority. The strength of our relationships is what sets us apart from existing and potential competitors.
The franchisee is to be an ambassador for STACKS OF SNACKS, Lifeline and Tackers Foundation.