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Like many successful businesses STACKS OF SNACKS began as a simple idea. STACKS OF SNACKS saw the niche area of workplace snacks, as a high potential area, in which someone could start their own home based business.
The STACKS OF SNACKS business concept was developed and implemented in Darwin, Northern Territory. Since 1996 the business format has evolved and changed. From its original concept, the business has evolved and grown in expertise, sophistication, information management and professionalism. With the Head Office now on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, STACKS OF SNACKS have the infrastructure and support in place for a successful franchise system.
STACKS OF SNACKS currently have franchises in operation in every State and Territory in Australia. A reflection of our success, is the fact that we have a significant number of franchisees who have gone on to purchase two or more franchise territories.
STACKS OF SNACKS had a long term relationship with the Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS AUSTRALIA) up to the end of 2010 and a continuing long term relationship with Tackers Foundation. Since 2011, we have established a successful relationship with one of Australia's leading charities, Lifeline.
Stacks of Snacks we co-brand every snack box with both Lifeline or Tackers Foundation and STACKS OF SNACKS logos and name. Both charities are paid a royalty, according to an agreed formula. The business relationship is a definite win/win for all parties.
The involvement of both of these high profile and successful charities with STACKS OF SNACKS is a positive reflection on the professionalism of the franchise system.