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In the busy work environment where your time is valuable, a STACKS OF SNACKS Snack Box can be a great asset.
Gone will be the days of having to walk or drive to the shop, enduring adverse weather conditions, delays in being served and a lack of time, to buy a quick treat to have with your morning or afternoon coffee / tea.
The STACKS OF SNACKS Snack Box is situated right in your office. The box is serviced by professional service agents who will stock the box with your favourite quality products from Kraft, Mars Chocolate, Nestle, Arnott’s, Ernest Hillier and the Sunshine Coast Snack Company.
All chocolate products are pick 'n mix, special treats size (15-18g) that sell for $0.80 each. All snack (sugar) products sell for $1.00 each. All chip products sell for $1.20 each.
A STACKS OF SNACKS Snack Box is a no risk, means of increasing workplace productivity.
Phone FREECALL 1800 899 000 or email to get your snack box.