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4551, Australia  |  Tuesday, Nov 03, 2009 | 06:11:39
What a great franchisee idea! Absolutely remarkable website! You have done well Len!
Queensland, Australia  |  Saturday, Apr 11, 2009 | 17:43:50
Hi Anne and Len, I think you have a great company and I love your website, it looks very proffesional. Liz
QLD, AUSTRALIA  |  Monday, Oct 08, 2007 | 19:19:52
Len and Anne you guys are awesome. Stacks of snacks is amazing! MS appreciates your support. The chocolate rocks everyone loves it! See you soon, Catherine xo
QLD, Australia  |  Monday, Oct 08, 2007 | 19:16:59
We love Stacks of Snacks chocolate!!! The workers are so friendly and it goes towards a good cause! Keep up the eating of chocolates!!!
Darwin, Australia  |  Saturday, Jun 16, 2007 | 23:21:05
Great looking site Len, congratulations! Now you can tick one of those things off the list ;-)
Harrington Park, Australia  |  Friday, Jun 15, 2007 | 21:33:36
Great new site Len. Thank you very much for taking Linda and I on board as franchisees. It's great to be involved with a company that is going places and supports charities like the the MS Society and Tackers Foundation. Keep up the great work.
NY, NY USA  |  Saturday, May 07, 2005 | 19:48:13
O, this is good site!
Ballarat, Victoria Australia  |  Thursday, Mar 03, 2005 | 01:30:40
I would Like to thank you for your support and a great idea for raising funds for the MS Society. Last year my mother died due to the complications influenced by being an a long suffer of MS. The money is needed for current research to continue, to help those who may have a chance in the future to be cured. Thank You and keep eating chocolates.
kilsyth, victoria  |  Wednesday, Feb 09, 2005 | 00:50:37
I would love to hear more about your business.I love eating and chocolate is my favourite vice.What i'd give to be part of a business selling it.Promise i wont eat it all! Well least i'd be my own number 1 customer.(weighing in at 200kg) Keep up great work sos. Your devoted fan dameo.
ballarat, victoria australia  |  Monday, May 17, 2004 | 20:18:37
i love your chocolate
Bendigo, vic aust  |  Tuesday, Dec 16, 2003 | 06:45:58
Hi Len Remember me its been along time since i have heard your name. I saw your name in school friends.I hope all is well maybe we will catch up one day. Grant
Glenorchy, Tasmania Australia  |  Friday, Sep 19, 2003 | 05:31:05
Hi Len since talking to you My wife and I have been Very excited about Joining your team with the information that you have given to us we are very inpressed and eager to get more. I have been excited about other offers but I have never felt as good as this one feels and the returns are the right way to go
Melbourne, Victoria Australia  |  Tuesday, Sep 16, 2003 | 01:22:59
G'day Len and family, just thought i would pop in and say allo and thanks for the concern, by the way this website is done very well, well done wally!!! Chris C
Wollongong, NSW Australia  |  Monday, Jul 14, 2003 | 03:14:13
We would like to thank Len & Mick for all the help and friendship. Working for Stacks of Snacks has been fun, also we really enjoy the great team environment. We once again thank you.
The Entrance, New South Wales Australia  |  Wednesday, Jun 11, 2003 | 19:37:37
Thank you Mick, and Len, for taking an interest in employing me. The cause is great, and I like the website. Very professional. I'd like to see your chocolate boxes in the sites up here on the coast. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Albury, NSW Australia  |  Tuesday, Jul 23, 2002 | 05:56:35
Hey len, just a quick message to say that the Starburst Lollipops are great, i've handed a few out to friends at school, and they all reckon you've got yourself a winner. Luv court x x
Darwin, NT Australia  |  Monday, Sep 17, 2001 | 20:39:40
Since that Chocolate box sat at our reception desk I got fatter and fatter :-) Seriously though - it's a great franchise, you provide great service and all the best to you both!